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Psatha beach is located in West Attica, 60 kilometers from Athens. It is a huge 2.5 km coast in the crystal clear waters of Corinthian gulf.

It is near Alepochori. If you own a small boat, then Alepochori provides a small port with a chute. Psatha has a vast habitat in which the well-known psathokalama grows from which the naming of the place originates.

The pines of Mount Pateras in the background of Psatha beach makes it one of the best options for relaxing and taking a break from regular life. There is very beautiful and idyllic scenery near the beach which reminds more of exotic destinations. Psatha is a perfect place to spend the sizzling summer days.


There are different options to access the Psatha beach. You can opt for a rental car, hire a taxi, use your own personal vehicle or use public transport.
Psatha is a peaceful beach which doesn’t get over-crowded, so you will not face any problem in finding a place for parking.

Services and view of the beach

Though not organized, Psatha has a great variety of traditional Greek taverns, where you can enjoy fresh fish with the beautiful scenery and relaxing environment. You can rent umbrellas, sunbeds and other amenities at the beach and there are also changing rooms available near Psatha beach.

In addition to the above, there are many restaurants, cafeterias and bars at the beach. Also, there are plenty of options for accommodation near the beach making it popular among the families. There are some beautiful luxurious hotels at walkable distance from the beach. They provide all the facilities and are known for their warm and friendly hospitality.

Psatha is equally popular among the youngsters for its exotic view, pleasant weather and paragliding, mountain biking and climbing with beautiful views of the Bay. The greenery of the Mount Pateras in the background and the turquoise water gives a so relaxing environment. People can spend entire day here doing nothing. Just lying on the sunbeds at the shore and admiring the beauty of the beach. In conclusion, Psatha is hardly over crowded which makes it a popular choice for people who prefer privacy over crowd and noise.

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