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Summer in Greece-Destination Alimos-summerize



In less than half an hour from the center of Athens is the beach of Alimos. Its location and easy access are key factors for which this beach is so popular with Athenians. It is the first organized beach in the southern suburbs. Due to its size, it gives the impression that it is three separate beaches. In fact it is one, but divided into three parts.

Alimos beach Has clear and cool waters and wide sandy coast. It gives anyone the opportunity to enjoy a swim on hot summer days without having to travel long distances.

Summer in Greece-Destination Alimos-summerize


The access is easy from the center of Athens by bus or tram. The size of Alimos beach is such that it covers two tram stations. The first locates at the “Kalamaki” station and the second at the “Zephyros” station. Of course, you can visit Alimos beach by car too, since you can find plenty of parking areas there.

Summer in Greece-Destination Alimos-summerize


In addition, for those who prefer activities in addition to simply enjoying the sun, Alimos beach is organized with a special area at the back for rackets. You can also find beach volleyball courts and a waterpark for the fun of young and old with water bikes, canoes and many other kinds of watersports.

If, on the other hand, all you want is enjoy the sun and the sea, then the numerous beach bars can offer moments of relaxation on the sunbeds with pillows on the beach, providing food and drink all day.

For the safety of the bathers a net is placed in the deep, while three lifeguards stand by along the entire length of the beach.

The entrance fee for adults is 6€ on week days and 7€ on weekends and holidays, while for children and elders is 3€ on week days and 4€ on weekends (sunbeds not included).


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